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03.-04.07.2008 - Discussion Panels


The first team-training summer seminar of Estonian Leader local action groups


"Leader – innovation or an old bright idea?"

In Viljandimaa, Vanaõue Recreation Centre, 3 July, 2008

SEE! The programme of discussion panels and Leader info, PDF file

It is planned to have three discussion panels on three different subjects at the summer seminar. Each discussion panel will have up to 8 speakers. Rural youth, chairmen of the executive boards of local action groups, well known people and specialists will participate in panels. We have tried to find people with good ideas and with a will to contribute to rural development by their participation.

I panel: at 14.00–15.00

The subject:

”Innovation or good forgotten old – what would make life better for people in the country!"

The_objective: What innovative or good forgotten old projects and activities directed at the improvement of the quality of life in rural Estonia could be implemented through Leader? What exciting and innovative activities would make life better for the people living in the country? The panel should be concentrated at the subjects or objects which are not everyday basic services (such as bus traffic, country shops, etc.), but at something interesting or special, encouraging young people to return to the country?
Moderator: Ene Hion, Non-Profit Association Kodanikukoolitus
Participants:  Anneli Viitkin, Chairman of the Executive Board and Manager of the Võrumaa Partnership Council (Võrumaa Partnerluskogu ), member of the Lasva Rural Municipality Government
   Deivi Sarapson, representative of the Valgamaa Partnership Council (Valgamaa Partnerluskogu ), student of the Tartu Tamme Upper Secondary School, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Union of Estonian Student Representative Boards
  Deiw Rahumägi, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Board of Four Rural Municipalities (Nelja Valla Kogu ), Assistant Harku Rural Municipality Mayor
  Eero Spriit, Estonian National Broadcasting, Deputy Head of the Editorial Board of Drama Broadcasts
  Ingrid Tähismaa, media training provider, author’s news of TV 3 seven o’clock news, „Tähetund”and „Suvitaja”
  Jaanus Marrandi, member of the Parliament of Estonia, member of the Rural Affairs Committee of the Parliament
  Jan Kaus, writer
  Maiu Lünekund, representative of the Pärnu Bay Partnership Council (Pärnu Lahe Partnerluskogu) , student of sociology, social work and social policy of the University of Tartu, founder and member of the Executive Board of the Pärnumaa first self-initiative Non-Profit Association Laukamari of young people

II panel: at 15.30–16.30

The subject:

”Innovation or good forgotten old – what would I buy, travelling in the country?”

The objective:   What should be the souvenirs or other things I would like to buy in the country? How to revive old traditions through Leader and make new souvenirs and interesting things typical of the region? How to improve the quality of souvenirs? Revival of traditions: to create more new and interesting things on the basis of old traditions. Our local souvenirs to be sold next to juniper knives in old Tallinn?
Moderator:  Katri Targama, Non-Profit Association Kodanikukoolitus
Participants: Anne Kalamäe, member of the Executive Board of the Virumaa Cooperation Chamber (Virumaa Koostöökogu ), Director of the Lüganuse rural municipality library, youth work student of the Tallinn Pedagogical College, member of the Executive Board of the Non-Profit Association Ida-Virumaa Villages Representation, member of the Executive Board of the Non-Profit Association Youth Centre, member of the Executive Board of the Non-Profit Association Lüganuse Village Society
  Kadri Pau, Manager of the Estonian Village Movement KODUKANT
  Malle Rooba, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Järva Development Partners (Järva Arengu Partnerid), member of the Executive Board of the Kaaruka Village Society, Kaaruka village elder, member of the Roosna-Alliku Rural Municipality Government
  Merli Sild, Director of the Estonian Museum of Agriculture
  Monika Järg, Chairman of the Estonian Textile Artists Association, textile designer of the Studio Textile in a Room, teacher of the Tartu Art College, member of the Executive Board of the Estonian Association of Designers
  Taavi Ivan, representative of the Valgamaa Partnership Council (Valgamaa Partnerluskogu ), student of the Tsirguliina Secondary School and member of the board of trustees, active sportsman, has been active in a student company, successful participant in the Titan economic game (European semifinal)
  Tõnu Kiviloo, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Rohelise Jõemaa Cooperation Council (Rohelise Jõemaa Koostöökogu ), Kõpu Rural Municipality Mayor, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Association of Estonian Manor Schools, entrepreneur
  Urmas Arike, architect of the Private Limited Company Restprojekt

II panel: at 17.00–18.00

The subject:

”Innovation or good forgotten old – where would I stop my car, travelling in the country?”

The objective:   What would be the interesting new object to stop by in the country? How attractive is the country area? What would make people plan their travel targets to a concrete rural area in Estonia? Children and their interest as a part of their parents’ travel target. What would people like to see, what services should be close to an interesting object? What would keep internal or foreign tourists in a place for the whole day?
Moderator:   Külli Volmer, Non-Profit Association Kodanikukoolitus
Participants:  Andrus Rekor, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Peipsi-Alutaguse Cooperation Chamber (Peipsi-Alutaguse Koostöökogu ), Atsalama village elder, Chairman of the Atsalama Maarahvas, member of the Council of Mäetaguse Rural Municipality, founder and member of the Executive Board (1996 – 2006) of the Estonian Village Movement KODUKANT, entrepreneur
  Eneken Helk, representative of the Piirivere Leader (Piiriveere Liider ), gene technology student of the Tallinn Technical University
  Kaja Prügi, senior project leader of the Advertising Department of the Maaleht: leaflets of the Maaleht – Messileht, Eesti Talupidaja, Jaani ootel, Jõulu ootel, etc.
  Kuno Rooba, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Development Chamber (Arenduskoda ), Tapa Rural Municipality Mayor
   Loreida Hein, architect of the interior, member of the Estonian Young Architects Association, entrepreneur, presenter of the Channel 2 „Kodusaade”
  Marko Männik, Viljandi chief architect and Head of the Viljandi Architecture and Planning Office
  Siim Hunt, representative of the Pärnu Bay Partnership Council (Pärnu Lahe Partnerluskogu ), student of the Audru Secondary School, founder and member of the Open Youth Chamber of the Eassalu-Neitsi Village Society, member of the youth organisation Noored Kotkad, Pärnu county „Tegus Maanoor 2007”
  Tõnu Aavasalu, owner of the Vanaõue Recreation Centre, member of the Council of the Suure-Jaani Rural Municipality, entrepreneur

What is LEADER?

Leader is the rural development programme supported under the Leader-measure of Axis 4 of the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2007–2013. In Estonia.

The first preparatory period of the programme has been on since 2006.

The preparatory period will terminate just before the Leader summer seminar on 30 June 2008 and reception of local action groups’ applications for support from Leader-measure has been planned for July.

Leader is mainly characterised by its objective to decide upon the main policies of regional development through local partnerships, preparing the relevant regional strategies.

Local action groups are established on the basis of local governments, entrepreneurs and citizens’ associations. Under Leader-measure and according to regional strategy, local action groups will initiate competitions for projects in their region and project financing will be decided by the same local action group.

In addition to the above mentioned, Leader’s key terms include the involvement of wide population in decision-making, the provision of population with information and networking. The preparatory period has already brought together many people and made them active in the improvement of rural life. It has created a new promoting synergy.

In the EU, the Leader-programme has been implemented since 1991. The results of the programme which at the beginning worked as a pilot programme, have been rather successful. According to this support scheme, it has been decided to divide through local action groups about 1,34 billion EEK for rural development within 2007–2013.

In case of Leader-activities and projects, their innovative nature is important. This means that in case of Leader, innovative projects which cannot be applied for under the existing support schemes are expected.

Information concerning the rural network and Leader action groups can be found on the Rural Economy Research Centre webpage – subtitles RURAL NETWORK and LEADER

and information concerning the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2007–2013 can be found on the Ministry of Agriculture webpage

The seminar is organised by the Rural and Fisheries Network Department of the Rural Economy Research Centre.

The organisation of the seminar is supported by the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2007–2013 technical assistance funds for rural network.

Additional information: e-post: seminar[at]

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