January 2022

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Time Place Name
31.01.2022–01.02.2022 Online SHERPA Conference 2022: Make it happen! Implementing the rural vision
31.01.2022 Online Webinar "How to declare your income and expenses as a forest owner?"
28.01.2022 Zoom Estonian and Finnish EIP innovations for monitoring cattle health, silage quality and feeding
27.01.2022 Online 1st meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group on Rural Proofing
27.01.2022 Ostana, Itaalia Projekti Smart Rural 21 kolmas piirkondlik töötuba "Paremini ühendatud maapiirkonnad - maapiirkondade mobiilsuse edendamine"
27.01.2022 Online EURACTIV: Virtual Conference "Farm to Fork Strategy – What are the policy instruments needed to reach the targets?"
27.01.2022 Paide BASF: Talveseminar "Kaitse enda tulusid"
26.01.2022 Online HEAK: Inspiration seminar for tourism entrepreneurs
24.01.2022–28.01.2022 Online Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) "Sustainable Land Use: Food Security Starts with the Soil"
21.01.2022 on-line ESTONIAN RURAL NETWORK: PA information-day
20.01.2022 Väätsa, Järva county MAAELUVÕRGUSTIK ja KODUKANT: Maal elamise päeva korraldamise arengupäev (1/2022)
19.01.2022 Zoom veebikeskkonas MAAELUVÕRGUSTIK: Innovatsiooniklastri meetme toetuse saajate ümarlaud 1/2022
19.01.2022–20.01.2022 Online Circular Economy Conference 2022
18.01.2022 Online Webinar "Technology and innovation as allies for a smart rural environment"
17.01.2022 Online and in Helsinki, Finland Seminar on Bioeconomy "Innovative bioeconomy - strategies and resolutions of the future"
14.01.2022 Tartu TARTUMAA ARENDUSSELTS: Kommunikatsiooni töögrupi koolituspäev
12.01.2022 Online EMÜ webinar "Green Deal and and Cooperatives: Measuring the Performance and Environmental Impact of Milk Production"
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