The first national Open Farm Day

Time: 19.07.2015

Place: Estonia

Open Farm Day

On July 19th, 2015 the first national Open Farm Day is to take place.


142 farms and agricultural producers across Estonia opened to receive visitors.

The visitors will be able to see large and small farms, exciting agricultural technology, various animals and plants. It will be possible to taste real farm food and buy local produce. Each farm has its own programme, displaying the farm’s particularities.

Database of OPEN FARMS (in Estonian)

Open Farm Days are organised in many countries across the world, including Finland, Sweden, USA, Australia ect.

The initiative of the Estonian national Open Farm Day was born from cooperation with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Rural Economy Research Centre and Järvamaa Avatud Talud (Open Farms of Järva County).



Open Farm Day Trip 19.-20. July 2015

Estonian Rural Network Unit will organise the Open Farm Day Trip for collegues international guests on 19.-20. 07.2015. Collegues from Nordic-Baltic Region and EU countries, from National Rural Networks, Managing Authorities, Local Action Groups are welcome to discover with us some farms and producers. For more information please contact Ms Ave Bremse from Estonian Rural Network Unit

Programme of international guests:

 Sunday, 19. July 2015
Day 1

08.45 Departure by bus from Tallinn city centre meeting point National Opera Theatre "ESTONIA" MAP
10.00 - 11.15

Organic farm SAIDAFARM - Lehetu Village, Nissi municipality, Harju County

AS Saidafarm has history since 1992. The idea is to producing healthy food in a nature-friendly mannerfrom to making delicious products and selling the products to consumers. Farm has 1000 ha of land and 500 animals. The ma milk production and dairy. They mainly sell products in large retail chains, but also deliver to schools and kindergartens and export to Finland.

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12.15 - 12.50

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Ohekatku Village, Kehtna municipality Rapla County.

Goat's milk production, mini zoo.

Host Mrs Margot Torn

13.30 - 14.20

Lunch in Toosikannu Holiday Centre


15.00 - 15.30

Farm TAKKASAARE - Karjaküla Village, Türi municipality, Järva County

Modern milk production in a large farm. Production and sales of organic agricultural products. Takkasaare farm has 200 animals, incl 100 dairy cows. The farm has 340 ha of arable land and 28 hectares of forest. Owners Aili and Arvo Kuutok has title Farmer of the Year 2010. Also  the second place in competition Farm of the Year 2012.

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16.00- 16.40

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Plant Garden Elise AED

Rehe Village, Türi municipality, Järva County.

Family business. Cultivation and sale of plants. Garden design consultancy.
Host Ms. Reelika Marrandi.


17.00 - 17.40

Farm TÖLPLA - Kirna Village, Türi municipality, Järva County

Small Poultry Farm. A hobby Farm for growing chickens and ducks. Host Ms Eve Kasela. Catering: Tasskohvi OÜ - Aiki Faltis

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Acommodation in Jäneda Guest House **

19.00 Dinner and social evening with representatives of the Open Farm Days of neighbouring farms in Tavern "Musta Täku Tall"

Monday, 20. July 2015
Day 2


Seminar "Nationwide Rural Actions in Estonia"

Venue: Rural Economy Research Centre in Jäneda
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Meetings with organisators of different events. Possibility to hear presentations and share experiences of organising different regional or national events:

  • National Open Farm Day 2015 and the first Open Farm Days in Järva County 2012-2014
    • Silva Anspal (Järva Developlment Partners, LAG manager)
  • Open rural tourism-farm days in 2014-2015
    • Raili Mengel (NGO Estonian Rural Tourism, executive director)
  • Estonian village movement and selection of Village of the Year
    • Anneli Kana (Village Movement Kodukant, board memeber)
  • Movement "Back to the Countryside" 2013-2015
12.30 Lunch - Musta Täku Tall, Jäneda
13.45 - 14.40

SÖESAUNA Holiday Centre. - Vetla Village, Anija municipality, Harju County.

Cozy rural tourism centre in the midst of lake reservoirs and rich forests. Place for holiday, seminars and family events. Wooden barrel production.

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15.30 - 16.20

Wine FARM Valgejõe Veinivilla - Valgejõe Village, Kuusalu municipality, Harju County

The first licenced fruit and berry wine-making farm. Host Ms Tiina Kuuler.

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17.30 Back in Tallinn


Download booklet: Food, agriculture, rural life, fisheries in fact 2014.

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