Time: 24.08.2016–26.08.2016

Place: Jäneda, ESTONIA


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LEADER TNC Fair 2016



24-26 August 2016

Jäneda and LAG regions

The event, organised by the Estonian Rural Network Support Unit, aims to promote LEADER Cooperation. It will gather European and national-level LEADER/CLLD stakeholders, including Local Action Groups (LAGs), Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs), National Rural Networks and Managing Authorities.
Number of participants: 211
Registered participants
(21.08.2016) Foreign guests Estonians
Working language: English

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24th August 2016

Information of cooperation possibilities. Partnership search.

10.00 - 12.00 Arrival and preparation
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch
13.00 - 13.20


  • Marko Gorban - Deputy Secretary General for Agricultural and Rural Life Policies of the Ministry of Rural Affairs
  • Anneli Ott - Member of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia), Chairperson of the Parliamentary LEADER Programme Support Group
  • Kristiina Tammets - President of European LEADER Association for Rural Development
13.20 - 15.30

Plenary - information about LEADER TNC rules

LEADER/CLLD transnational cooperation. European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) support to LEADER cooperation - Michael Gregory, ENRD Contact Point

LEADER/CLLD transnational cooperation principles and regulations in different Nordic and Baldic states,  presentations from:
  • Denmark – Dea Cordt Kragh, Danish Business Authority
  • Finland – Leena Anntila, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Germany – Anke Wehmeyer, National Rural Support Unit
  • Latvia – Andra Karlsone, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Lithuania – Jolanta Vaičiūnienė, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Poland – Magdalena Mach, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Sweden – Hans-Olof Stålgren, Swedish Rural Network
Estonian cooperation rules
  • Estonian LEADER cooperation rules – Kristine Hindriks, Ministry of Rural Affairs of Estonia
  • Estonian Fisheries cooperation rules – Liis Reinmaa, Ministry of Rural Affairs of Estonia

Presentations and infomaterials: HERE

15.30 - 16.00 Coffee break
 16.00 - 17.30

PARTNERSHIP SEARCH activities in different rooms.

  • TOPIC: enterpreneurship - moderators Ave Bremse (Estonia) and Anita Seļicka (Latvia)
  • TOPIC: youth - moderator Meeri Klooren (Estonia)
  • TOPIC: culture - Konstantin Mihhejev (Estonia)
  • TOPIC: networking - Reve Lambur (Estonia)

PARTNERSHIP SEARCH in open air (Jäneda park)

"The Beauty and Charm of Cooperation" organized by Estonian Village Movement Kodukant

Teams of 3-5 persons can compete in short funny relay race game. Team members should belong to different organisations and nationalities.

 19.30-23:30 Social evening and dinner in Tavern Musta Täku Tall, Jäneda


25th August 2016

Thematic workshops. Start of LAG TOURS


Introduction of the day and thematical workshops


09.00 - 10.30


Thematical workshops will start with two project example presentation from different countries to inspire following discussion. The target of workshops are to search good ideas for possible cooperation projects and to find new contacts. All the workshops' best ideas will be collected and forwarded to the participants.

  1. Rural tourism - presentations from Finland and Poland
  2. Refugees - presentations from Sweden and Estonia
  3. Natural products (cosmetics, herbs) - presentations from Slovenia and Estonia
  4. Coastal development - presentations from Estonia and Denmark 
  5. Internet-solutions - presentations from Finland and Estonia
  6. LEADER/CLLD TNC 2020+ discussions with ELARD - presentations from ELARD and Finland
Detailed informations and presentations
10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break
11.00 - 12.30


  1. Local food - presentations from Latvia, Scotland and Austria 
  2. Thematic festivals and theme paths - presentations from Estonia
  3. Art & handicraft - presentations from Lithuania and Estonia
  4. Nature values - presentations from Germany and Poland
  5. Youth initiatives - presentations from Latvia and Estonia
  6. Community development - presentations from Estonia and UK 

Detailed informations and presentations
12.30 - 13.00

Conclusions and closing the LEADER TNC Fair

Thank You to speakers, moderators, rapporteurs and organisers by:
Anneli Kimmel, head of Local Initiative and Human Environment Bureau of Ministry of Rural Affairs of Estonia
Krista Kõiv, head of Estonian Rural Network Rural- and Innovation Network

Assisted by:

  • Reve Lambur - leading specialist, local food and international relations on ENRD level
  • Ave Bremse - leading specialist, LEADER/CLLD and international relations on EU level
  • Helene Kõiv - leading specialist, communication, e-newsletter and translations
  • Konstantin Mihhejev - leading specialist, European Innovation Partnership (EIP) topics.
  • Meeri Klooren - leading specialist, communication and Information- and Communication Technologies (ICT) topics
  • Ester Valdvee - leading specialist, management of procurements and networks' events
  • Erik Lööper - leading specialist, videos and technical support of Rural Network activities.
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 - 14.15

Departure to LAG Tours starting from Jäneda - 6 different tours to different LAG areas

TOUR 1 Viru County - from cement heritage to phlox garden
TOUR 2 Jõgeva County - Hunting and Fishing
TOUR 3 Places full of experiences in LAG Järva Development Partners
TOUR 4 Local values and cooperation in LAG Raplamaa Partnership region
TOUR 5 Communities and networks in Tartu County
TOUR 6 Tourism opportunities - local and genuine in Harju County


14.15 Transfer busses 1 and 2 departure to Tallinn airport (city centre and port)
15.15 Transfer bus 1 ends in airport (city centre and port)
17.30 Transfer bus 2 (1,5 h visit to LEADER project in Tammiku) ends in Tallinn airport (city centre and port)


26th August 2016

LAG TOURS in regions continue

08.00 LAG Tours continue

LAG Tour 6 ends in Tallinn city centre


LAG Tour 4 ends in Tallinn airport (city centre 15.15)

15.30 LAG Tour 5 ends in Tartu coach station (bus to Tallinn airport 2,5 h, to Riga 4 h)
15.30 LAG Tour 2 ends in Tallinn airport (15.45 city centre)

LAG Tour 1 ends in Tallinn airport (16.15 city centre)

LAG Tour 3 ends in Tallinn airport (16.15 city centre)

Practical information:

  • Arrival to Jäneda is possible on 24.08 morning or also on 23.08. Guest house has reserved the rooms.
  • Arrival transfer: Tallinn airport to Jäneda by organized transfers. First transfer from Tallinn to Jäneda will be organised on the evening of 23th August 19:00 and 24th August from airport 10.30. Additional information will be sent to all participants.
  • Accommodation in Jäneda Guest House or in Nelijärve Holiday Centre per one night for twin room costs ca 45 €. Possible to get cheeper room for 3-perons and also more expensive single rooms.
  • Transfer buses between Nelijärve - Jäneda is organised.
  • Booking the room during filling the registration form. Select your dates and put your preferences to comments.
  • Selection of LAG tour will be marked during filling the registration form.
  • Departure. Most LAG Tours will end in Tallinn airport and city centre on 26.08. Only TOUR 5 will end in Tartu, but you can catch a bus directly to Tallinn airport (2,5 h).
  • Transfer on departure on 25.08. Transfer 1 will go directy to Tallinn airport. Transfer 2 will go first to LEADER project and ends in Tallinn airport 17:30.
  • If there are special requests, we can solve them by taking you to the train to train station "Aegviidu" (about 7km from Jäneda).


  • 25-26.08 - Start 14.15 after LEADER Fair events from Jäneda to different LAG regions. Participation fee is 65€, including full board and accommodation in regions. Participants will select LAG TOURS during filling the registration form.
  • During LAG Tour you will have different place for accommodation, in different regions, not anymore in Jäneda or Nelijärve.
  • Invoices for LAG Tours will be sent to participants
  • Detailed information of LAG TOURS is available HERE

Participation fee:

  • No fee for participation of LEADER Fair events on 24.-25.08.
  • Participants should cover their accommodation in Jäneda guest house: one night 45€ for twin room, on 24.-25.08 or 23.-25.08. (Payment mostly on-spot by Credit Card or cash, but possible to get pre-payment invois as well).
  • Who will arrive on 23.08 can also have dinner 20.30 in guest houses (for 10€).
  • LAG Tour participation fee is 65 €. Payment by pre-payment invoice only.


Estonian NRN, Ave Bremse ave @ telephones +372 38 49 734 or +372 51 56 412

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