LINC 2019 Cooperation database

Country: Finland
Type: Project offer
Topic: Local economy (non-agricultural)
Key-words: Rural cinemas; cinema festivals; cultural innovation hubs
Title: Rural cinema - innovation hub
Contacts: Krista Antila,, +358505206396
Main idea: The cinema services are lacking in rural areas and the existing cinema premises are in economical troubles and need some kind of innovative approach in order to be reintroduced conceptually. Kankaanpää town (located in western Finland is searching for partners involved in the cinema thematics in rural areas and identifying some smart solutions to establish new rural cinema concept as cultural service center with varying offer and to reinvent “how to keep alive” the cinema culture as service. Ideas of rural cinema festivals, different events, multiuse of premises etc.
Conditions for partners: Looking for partners from all European countries.

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