LINC 2019 Cooperation database

Country: Finland
Type: Project idea
Topic: Tourism
Key-words: Unesco; rural turism enterprises; Local culture
Title: Promotion of Rural tourism enterprises in Unesco world heritage sites
LAG: LAG JyväsRiihi
Contacts: Pirjo Ikäheimonen,, +35840 8681 113
Main idea: Aim of the project is to strengthen and encourage small rural tourism enterprises to promote their products and services for the tourists who are visiting the local Unesco world heritage sites.We prefer a partner who has a ready network of small rural tourism entrepreneurs to change knowledge and best practice of the local services and products.
- exchanging experience between project countries about how to promote your products and tell about your culture to visitors from different cultures
- to test new products and get feedback from other entrepreneurs from project countries
- to enhance understanding of the local culture as the resource of building new services and products
Conditions for partners: Sweden, Denmark, Baltic countries, who have Unesco world heritage sites in their area

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