LINC 2019 Cooperation database

Country: Estonia
Type: Project offer
Topic: Environment, energy, sustainability
Key-words: Tourism, entrepreneurship, networking
Title: Multifunctional sustainable tourism entrepreneurship joint development!
LAG: LAG Green Riverland Partnership
Contacts: Aivar Ruukel,, +372 506 1896
Main idea: Reasons for need of this cooperation project were discussed by 2 Estonian partners of this project during their current other transnational Leader project “Sustainable tourism development in national parks/protected areas”, which has been implemented from September 2017 together with 9 Leader LAG partners from Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia and Portugal. Main aim: joint sustainable development of green/sustainable tourism (including local food) entrepreneurship and networking of project entrepreneurs and regions. Goals: -local entrepreneurs networking for exchanging different practical experiences and building the transnational contacts between them; -supporting joint development of sustainable tourism services in project regions. Target group of the project is sustainable tourism providers in different regions, including: rural/peri-urban what ever kind of (including handicraft, catering, museums, guides, shops etc) tourism entrepreneurs and NGO-s; rural/peri-urban artistic entrepreneurs (art, music etc); young people, interested of starting a sustainable tourism enterprise or active young sustainable tourism entrepreneurs.
Conditions for partners: Looking for partners from all European countries. National parks or other protected areas regions.

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