LINC 2019 Cooperation database

Country: Czech Republic
Type: Project offer
Topic: Career Guidance
Key-words: Students, school, career
Title: Connecting of students, employers and schools and theory and practice
LAG: LAG Brána Vysočiny
Partners: Regional Development Cluster Slovakia
Contacts: Libuše Beranová, Petr Šústal,,
Main idea: Labor and employers fair - LAG‘s partner is Regional Development Cluster Slovakia. The project purpose is to connect students, employers and schools and to connect theory and practice. Career Guidance – Project for the introduction of career guidance and education at the 2nd stage of elementary schools in the region (ORP Tišnov) as a systemic and comprehensive measure to effectively develop the competences of pupils to entrepreneurship, independent decision-making, critical and Creative thinking, linking teaching with modern economic trends, guiding pupils to the interest in Polytechnical Education (STEM), supporting schools to collaborate with employers from the region and more effective communication and cooperation with pupils ' parents on the issues of choice of occupation and selection Secondary education, encouraging pupils to study and lifelong learning.
Conditions for partners: Looking for partners from all European countries. Partner for career guidance, labor and employers fair, secondary school Fair.

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