International LEADER Conference LINC 2019 Estonia

Time: 10.09.2019–13.09.2019

Place: Pärnu, Pärnu county, Estonia


LEADER international conference LINC will be held for 10th time already and this time in Estonia.

LINC 2019 event is organised by LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership, LAG Kodukant Läänemaa, LAG Mulgimaa Development Centre, LAG Green Riverland Partnership, Estonian LEADER Union and Estonian Rural Network Unit.

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Venue: Pärnu, Pärnu county



What is LINC?

LINC is an annual meeting of LAGs (Local Action Groups) which combines European exchange of experience with sport events and European culinary. LINC is an initiative from LAGs and National Network Units for rural development in Austria, Germany, Estonia and Finland.

The programme of the LINC2019 should help practitioners to find answers to the questions they are facing in their daily work. Our activities are focused on networking, communication, exchanging ideas, best practises and seeking solutions for the future.

The slogan of the conference is:

  • Get informed - distribution of appropriate information
  • Get inspired - mutual learning from each others’ valuable experience
  • Get involved - learn about each others’ versatility

"LINC" stands for: LEADER - Inspired - Network - Community

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10th September

Arriving and opening ceremony
14.00 - 19.00 Registration and check-in at hotels Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Rannahotell and Tervise Paradiis
17.00 Opening ceremony in front of Mudaravila (Ranna puiestee 1, Pärnu)
17.45 Procession along the beach promenade to the Strand Spa & Conference Hotel (1 km). Planting The LEADER Cooperation Apple Tree

Opening ceremony continues "10 years of LINC Conference" at the Strand Spa & Conference Hotel (Tammsaare puiestee 35, Pärnu)

Presentation - Ms Kaja Karlson

Presentation - Ms Ulla Kallio

  Networking and Social Evening at Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Bar LINC2019 (5th floor)
11th Septemeber


 8.00 - 9.00

Buses depart for study tours 1-9 Link to info ENG

  1. Local food and enterprises in Mulgimaa ENG
  2. Cultural heritage in Mulgimaa ENG
  3. Living close to nature - history, hikes and horses ENG
  4. Follow your passions - hemp, theatre, glass and archery ENG
  5. How to thrive in small villages?! ENG
  6. Active entrepreneurs in Soomaa ENG
  7. Resounding silence in Soomaa ENG
  8. The nature and people of Tõstamaa ENG
  9. The nature and people on the coast of The Livonian Bay ENG
 17.30 - 18.30 Arrival back at hotels
19.00 Buses from Pärnu to Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre
19.30 Welcome to Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre
19.40 Cooperation Corner Seminar - Co-organised by ENRD CP at Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre Seminar info
20.00 Youth Project perfomance - at Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre yard area
 20.30 Dinner, European Buffet "Tastes of Europe", and Feedback seminar at Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre
 22.00 - 23.30 Buses back to hotels

 12th September


LINC Tori Hell LEADER triathlon

9.00 Buses from Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Rannahotell and Tervise Paradiis
9.30 Tori Hell LEADER triathlon in Tori. Sports competitions
09.30 - 14.30 Open area of Cooperation Corner, Estonian Rural Tourism and local handicraft market. 
14.30 Buses back to hotels
16.00 - 18.00 ELARD CLLD seminar in Strand Spa & Conference Hotel - LINK to Agenda
19.00 Buses to Pärnu Concert Hall
19.30 Closing ceremony at Pärnu Concert Hall
22.00 - 23.00 Buses back to hotels
  Networking and Social Evening at Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Bar LINC2019 (5th floor)


  • Mercedes Merimaa, LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership,, +372 509 2261
  • Viivika Orula, Reiser Konverentsid (registration, accomodation, transfers, study-tours, tours after conference),, +372 521 4210
  • Ave Bremse, Estonian Rural Network (cooperation-corner activities),, +3725156412
  • Kristiina Tammets, European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD),



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