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Network to innovate: Animal health and welfare

Toimumisaeg: 11.10.2022

Toimumiskoht: Zoom

Sihtgrupp: All Interested Parties


On 11 of October 2022, National Rural Networks of Estonia, Finland and Latvia are organising the sixth workshop „Network to innovate: Animal health and welfare.“ The workshops will give the opportunity to meet other actors in the field, exchange knowledge and possibly even form new partnerships.

The main aim of the event is networking and knowledge exchange on projects from Nordic-Baltic countries and different funding sources/measures. All interested participants are welcome.

The working language of the workshop is English. The webinar will be held via Zoom. Registered participants will receive a link to join the webinar one day before.

Feedback summary you can read HERE

Online workshop "Network to innovate: Animal Health and Welfare"

Tuesday, 11 October 2022 (Finnish time)

10.30 Welcoming words

Developing Biological and Technical Solutions for Decreasing the Abundance of Blood-sucking Insects around the Grazing Cattle | Airi Külvet, NGO Liivimaa Lihaveis 


ClearFarm project - A platform to contro animal welfare | Anna Stygar, LUKE, Finland  


Preservation of the genetic fund of local cows of Latvia and reproduction of individuals of other breeds suitable for local conditions using oocyte aspiration |  Ilga Šematoviča, Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies  

11.55 - 12.00 Closing Remarks

Information about the workshop: Estonian National Rural Network expert - Konstantin Mihhejev


 The workshop is supported by the Estonian rural development plan 2014-2020 technical assistance to national rural network.
The workshop is free of charge for registered participants.  

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Viimati muudetud: 11.10.2022

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