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Estonian National CAP Network
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Estonian Rural Network


Estonian National Rural Network: name of rural network - Eesti maaeluvõrgustiku üksus

Coverage of the rural network - the Estonian National Rural Network covers the whole territory of Estonia.

The mission of the Estonian Rural Network is to add value to the implementation of the Estonian Rural Development Programme (RDP).

The Estonian Rural Network aims to facilitate flexible, open-minded and gradual development, with bottom-up initiatives based on needs and developed through cooperative activity among rural actors.

Examples of best practice will be sought and publicized. The network actively promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience throughout Estonia, supports the coordinated implementation and evaluation of rural development policy, and the processes of information exchange at local, national and EU level.

Participants in the rural network:

Membership is not formal but involves bodies representing programme beneficiaries and organizations and authorities engaged in rural development including RDP implementation including Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce, Numerous agricultural bodies and associations, Private Forest Union, Council of Environmental NGOs, Centre for Ecological Engineering, Rural Village Movement KODUKANT, Association of Rural Municipalities, Rural Tourism, Network of Nonprofit Organizations, Association of SMEs, EUROPEA, Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of Tallinn, Pärnu College (University of Tartu), associations including: agricultural and forest management advisers, environmental protection, cultural heritage protection, social inclusion organizations and Local action grups (LAGs).

Summary of work programme

Estonian Rural Network tasks are to:

  • enable the exchange of relevant expertise between rural actors;
  • support implementation, monitoring and evaluation of rural development policy;
  • coordinate information flows between the local, national and European levels;
  • identify and analyse positive experience gained and innovative approaches applied in the implementation of Rural Development Strategies (RDS) and RDP;
  • organise rural network activity and exchange of experience and know-how;
  • establish a LAG training programme;
  • support internal and transnational cooperation, including the establishment and administration of a relevant website, organizing seminars and other events, sourcing cooperation partners, establishing a database of experts, and advising LAGs (of cooperation opportunities and relevant legislation).

The Estonian Rural Network operates through and interactive web environment, meetings, seminars and workshops for network participants, and study tours, surveys and consultations.

The Rural Network Action Plan involves: the collection, aggregation and dissemination of best practice and innovative approaches, including the implementation of LEADER; the support of cooperative activities; to act as a LEADER information centre; to organise various events related to rural development; and to administer a website detailing the network's functions.

Quantitative targets are set only for larger network activities. An annual work plan will be discussed each year with the Ministry of Agriculture and is set out in the European Rural Development Programme (ERDP) Technical Assistance plan. The work programme will be renewed according of needs, with ideas coming from Chamber of Cooperation and Ministry of Agriculture, LAGs and other stakeholders. Email surveys of network participants will help evaluate the benefit of network activities.


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