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Database of relevant RDP project examples


It is a database about project examples supported by Estonian Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.

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Recently added examples are upper and it is possible to make choices by project title, measure, theme, measure code, local action group and by county.

Projects are divided by following themes: agri-environment, agriculture, animals welfare, bio-energy, cooperation, cooperation based on science, cultural heritage, diversification, entrepreneurship, natural environment, small-scale processing, tourism, village development, youth.


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  Project title MEASURE Theme Local action group Name of the beneficiary County NÄIDE
DetailsTihemetsa siserulaparkLeadernooredPärnu Bay PartnershipNGO Saarde KingsPärnu countyvideo
DetailsVIP mööbelLeadermaaettevõtlusPiiriveere LiiderOÜ VIP-MööbelVõru countyvideo
DetailsMarmelaaditootmise sisseseade ostmineLeadermaaettevõtlusRaplamaa PartnerluskoguMinna Sahver OÜRaplamaavideo
DetailsPiirkonna seiklusturismi võimaluste arendamineLeadernooredVirumaa KoostöökoguIda-Virumaavideo
DetailsStone-day of TaageperaLeadervillage developmentLAG Valga County Partnerships BoardNGO Taagepera VillageValga county
DetailsBuilding Nõva Viiking boatsLeadercultural heritageLAG Kodukant LäänemaaNordESTNõva NGOLääne county
DetailsMulgi motocrossLeaderyouthLAG Mulgimaa DevelopmentKarksi Child Welfare Association "Muumitroll NGOViljandi county
DetailsYoung farmer Martin Repinski - goat farming1.2agricultureLtd R CapitalIda-Viru county
DetailsYoung beekeeper1.2agriculturueKumalane LtdTartu county
DetailsDevelopment of Maidla Sillaotsa farm1.4.1agricultureMaidla Sillaotsa farmHarju county
DetailsDeveloping goat breeding in Andri-Peedo farmLeaderagricultureLAG Borderlands LeaderLtd Andri-Peedo FarmVõru county
DetailsDeveloping of Takkasaare farm1.4.1agricultureTakkasaare farmJärva county
DetailsPackaging of compostLeaderdiversificationLAG PAIKMääri Mõis LtdLääne-Viru County
DetailsRenovation of greenhouseLeaderagricultureLAG North-Harju PartnershipNaeris LtdHarju county
DetailsSnail growingLeaderDiversificationLAG Kodukant LäänemaaMärt Paju SEELääne county
DetailsThe Planet said to meLeader rahvusvahel. projektyouthLAG West-Estonian Islands PartnershipLAG West-Estonian Islands PartnershipSaare county
DetailsBuilding a pedigree bull farm and forage storage1.4.2agricultureAnimal Breeders Association of EstoniaRapla county
DetailsBuilding a robot-farm1.4.2agricultureLAG The PartnersLTD Vaeküla SuurtaluLääne-Viru county
DetailsTrainings and information days for Põlva county agricultural and food sector entrepreneurs in 2009-20121.1entrepreneurshipFoundation Development Centre of Põlva CountyPõlva county
DetailsTraining programme "From home kitchen to consumers"1.1trainings/ local foodLääne-Viru Rural Women SocietyLääne-Viru county
DetailsApplied research about ecological grain farming1.7.1cooperation based on scienceLTD KuresooIda-Viru county
DetailsProducing Bio-humusLeaderdiversificationLAG Pärnu Bay PartnershipLtd ÕkomuldPärnu county
DetailsMilk automatLeaderjoint activity/cooperationLAG The PartnersA PIIM LtdLääne-Viru county
DetailsDeveloping the marketing strategy of label "Liivimaa Lihaveis"Leaderjoint activity/ cooperationLAG Võrumaa Partnership AssemblyNGO Liivimaa LihaveisVõru county
DetailsTartu county's milk producers co-operative1.9joint activity/cooperationTartu county's milk producers co-operativeTartu county
DetailsMeat co-operative PYHL - developing the producer group1.9joint activity/cooperationMeat co-operative PYHLTartu county
DetailsRenovating the Obinitsa Seto culture-houseLeadervillage developmentLAG Borderlands LeaderFoundation Setu Kultuuri FondVõru county
DetailsBuilding a traditional Uisu-type shipLeadercultural heritageLAG West-Estonian Islands PartnershipNGO Väinamere UiskSaare county
DetailsTastes of Narva-JõesuuLeadertrainings/ local foodLAG Partnership of North- East CoastCity Administration of Narva-JõesuuIda-Viru county
DetailsKiruvere's Ancient CampLeadercultural heritageLAG Järva Development PartnersNGO Austrvegr SeltsHarju county
DetailsDare to DreamLeader rahvusvahel. projektEntrepreneurshipLAG Pärnu Bay PartnershipLAG Pärnu Bay PartnershipPärnu county
DetailsLoving local values - TNC projectLeader rahvusvahel. projektcooperationLAG Development CenterLAG Development CenterLääne-Viru county
DetailsCooperation in Cultural Heritage ExploitationLeader rahvusvahel. projektcultural heritageLAG Järva Development PartnersJärva Arengu PartneridJärva county
DetailsDevelopment of juice productionLeaderdiversificationLAG Hiiumaa Cooperation NetworkSEE Triinu SchneiderHiiu county
DetailsRenovating Noore Naise Nõukogu (the Young Woman Council) roomLeaderperiurban areaLAG North-Harju PartnershipAssosiation of Viimsi's Active LadiesHarju county
DetailsTransnational cooperation on traditional sailing and maritime heritageLeader rahvusvahel. projektcultural heritageLAG Hiiumaa Cooperation NetworkNGO Hiiumaa Cooperation NetworkHiiu county
DetailsCreating a model of alternative public transportationLeaderperiurban areaLAG Nelja Valla KoguNGO NõudereisidHarju county
DetailsProjection of Nissi Family centreLeaderperiurban areaLAG Western-Harju PartnershipNGO Nissi Family CentreHarju county
DetailsFENIX - Transnational LeaderLeader rahvusvahel. projektyouthLAG Jõgevamaa Cooperation ChamberNGO Jõgevamaa Cooperation ChamberJõgeva county
DetailsProgeny of orchestra "Türi"LeaderyouthLAG South-Järvamaa PartnershipNGO Lõuna-Järvamaa ArendusühingJärva county
DetailsDiversification of tourism servicesLeaderentrepreneurshipLAG Raplamaa Partnership Registered AssociationLtd ParvematkadRapla county
DetailsBuilding the village house of KurtnaLeadervillage developmentLAG PAIKNGO NelikandLääne-Viru county
DetailsClower Power. 4H twinning peopleLeader rahvusvahel. projektcooperationLAG Mulgimaa DevelopmentNGO Mulgimaa DevelopmentViljandi county
DetailsJoint activities to restore the military machineLeaderyouthLAG Hiiumaa Cooperation NetworkNGO Hiiumaa MilitaarajalooseltsHiiu county
DetailsDevelopment of cabin manufactoryLeaderentrepreneurshipLAG Võrumaa Partnership AssemblyLtd Ööbiksaare PalkmajadVõru county
DetailsFurnishing the Värska skate-parkLeaderyouthLAG Borderlands LeaderVärska commune administration (Värska Youth Centre)Põlva county
DetailsChoir stand of ViisuLeadervillage developmentLAG Järva Development PartnersNGO Viisu Village AssociationJärva county
DetailsMore possibililties for hobbyism (mountain skiing equipment)LeaderyouthLAG Valga County Partnerships BoardNGO Otepää ÕhujõudValga county
DetailsYoung musicians joint event "LAHEDA ROCK"LeaderyouthLAG Põlva County Partnership BoardNGO Lahedalt LendamaPõlva county
DetailsFurnishing and developing joint activities in Pikakannu community-houseLeadercooperationLAG Võrumaa Partnership AssemblyNGO Pikakannu Kooli Areng (Pikakannu School Development)Võru county
DetailsViiratsi Village Games 2010Leadervillage developmentLAG Võrtsjärve AssociationNGO Viiratsi SpordiklubiViljandi county
DetailsDeveloping and marketing the services of rural tourism in Lääne countyLeadercooperationLAG Kodukant LäänemaaNGO Läänemaa Turism (Lääne county's tourism)Lääne county
DetailsPublishing the youth newspaper "Skriim"LeaderyouthLAG Raplamaa Partnership Registered Association NGO SkriimRapla county
DetailsOrganizing workshops about making and playing the zither and couchingLeaderyouthLAG Pärnu Bay PartnershipNGO Hellad Velledpärnu county
DetailsDesigning the belvedere stairs and hiking trails of Valaste fallsLeadernatural environmentLAG Partnership of North- East CoastNGO Kirde-Eesti Puhkerajad (Recreation Trails of North-East Estonia)Ida-Viru county
DetailsEstablishing recreation places near public lakes in Paistu municipalityLeadernatural environmentLAG Mulgimaa DevelopmentPaistu MunicipalityViljandi county
DetailsPurchasing the sheep gathering closure LeaderagricultureLAG The PartnersLtd RehekiviLääne-Viru county
DetailsDelicious South-EstoniaLeadercooperationLAG Tartu Development AssociationNGO Maitsev Lõuna-Eesti (Delicious South-Estonia)Tartu county
DetailsCleaning the Äksi Mud riverLeadernatural environmentLAG Jõgevamaa Cooperation ChamberFoundation Vooremaa LooduskeskusTartu county
DetailsReconstruction of the building of Ida-Viru county Farmers UnionLeaderagricultureLAG Partnership of North- East CoastNGO Ida-Viru County Farmers UnionIda-Viru county
DetailsPurchasing washing-line for potato and vegetablesLeaderagricultureLAG Jõgevamaa Cooperation ChamberLtd Nõmme KöögiviliJõgeva county
DetailsApplied research - commercial association "Farm Potato" and Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institut1.7.1cooperation based on science Commercial association TalukartulJärva county
DetailsPurchasing apiculture devicesLeadersmall-scale processingLAG The PartnersLtd Taali MesilaLääne-Viru county
DetailsBird-watch-tower/clay-house of Kiideva nature centreLeadernatural environmentLAG Kodukant LäänemaaNGO Kalaküla RohelisedLääne county
DetailsAlutaguse Adventure ParkLeadertourismLAG Peipsi-Alutaguse Chamber of CooperationNGO MäekeskusIda-Viru county
DetailsRenovation of Avinurme hostelLeaderentrepreneurshipLAG Peipsi-Alutaguse Chamber of CooperationLtd TeenusIda-Viru county
DetailsDeveloping new services (printing service)LeaderentrepreneurshipLAG South-Järvamaa PartnershipLtd KÜ KujundusJärva county
DetailsRaising the quality of veterinarian servicesLeaderentrepreneurshipLAG South-Järvamaa PartnershipLtd Hallimae veterinarian servicesJärva county
DetailsRaising the quality of diagnostics' serviceLeaderentrepreneurshipLAG South-Järvamaa PartnershipLtd TS-HydraulicJärva county
DetailsDeveloping the bio-compost productionLeaderdiversificationLAG Green Riverland PartnershipLtd MatogardPärnu county
DetailsBioenergy usage in production1.4.3bio-energySEE Mart Ruumet (self-employed entrepreneur)Pärnu county
DetailsEcofarming in Kiltsimäe Farm2.3.2agri-environmentKiltsimäe farmHarju county
DetailsTori horse breeding2.3.3agri-environmentLLC Tori Horse HatcheryPärnu county
DetailsAnimals herding in Lahkaja farm2.4animals welfareLahkaja farmTartu county
DetailsEstoninan native cows in Enno Lohu´s Andressaare farm2.3.3agri-environmentEnno Lohu (Andressaare farm)Viljandi county
DetailsGuesthouse of Kõrtsialuse village-centerLeadertourismLAG Viru Region Cooperation ChamberNGO Kõrtsialuse Village AssociationIda-Viru county
DetailsCommunity information center - a functioning home pageLeadervillage developmentLAG Viru Region Cooperation ChamberNGO Development Center of Purtse RiverIda-Viru county
DetailsIisaku mixed choir in  seminar in PrahaLeadervillage developmentLAG Peipsi-Alutaguse Chamber of CooperationFellowship Iisaku Mixed ChoirIda-Viru county
DetailsSaaremaa wool for making yarnLeadercooperationLAG West-Estonian Islands PartnershipLtd Saare RätsepSaare county
DetailsOnion RoadLeaderCooperationLAG Tartu Development AssociationNGO Onion RoadTartu county
DetailsPotato RepublicLeadercultural heritageLAG Valga County Partnerships BoardNGO Potato RepublicValga county
DetailsLearning and developing villages of Taebla municipalityLeadervillage developmentLAG Kodukant LäänemaaTaebla municipality governmentLääne county
DetailsIdea Cafe of Rõuge Youth ClubLeaderyouthLAG Võrumaa Partnership AssemblyYouth organisation Rõuge Youth ClubVõru county
DetailsBook "National costume of Tori municipality"Leadercultural heritageLAG Green Riverland PartnershipRandivälja village associationPärnu county
DetailsPõlva county's Green HouseLeadernatural environmentLAG Põlva County Partnership BoardNGO Rosma Education AssociationPõlva county
DetailsAttractions of Vudila playgroundLeaderentrepreneurshipLAG Jõgevamaa Cooperation ChamberLtd VudilaJõgeva county
DetailsOrganising the paragliding dayLeadervillage developmentLAG Partnership of North- East CoastNGO Jõhvi TiibvarjuklubiIda-Viru county
DetailsMarketing the Võrtsjärve areaLeadertourismLAG Võrtsjärve AssociationVõrtsjärve FoundationTartu county
DetailsImage campaign "Take a rest at Imavere"LeadertourismLAG South-Järvamaa PartnershipEstonian Dairy Museum Friends AssociationJärva county
DetailsEnvironmental events in Nissi parish schoolsLeadernatural environmentLAG Western-Harju PartnershipNGO Ellamaa LoodusseltsHarju county
DetailsInternet marketing for entrepreneurs in rural areasLeaderentrepreneurshipLAG Development CenterNGO Local Development Support StructureLääne-Viru county
DetailsDeveloping tourism enterprise in Lääne-Viru countyLeadertourismLAG The PartnersLtd Jarko AutoLääne-Viru county
DetailsRomantic CoastlineLeadercooperationLAG Pärnu Bay PartnershipNGO Pärnu Bay PartnershipPärnu county
DetailsEstablishing a historical thematic park of Peter the Great Marine Leadercultural heritageLAG Nelja Valla KoguNGO Vääna KülakodaHarju county
DetailsElucidating South-Estonian traditions of clay-constructionLeadercultural heritageLAG Borderlands LeaderNGO VanaajamajaVõru county
DetailsTrainings about entrepreneurship for student- and mini-companiesLeaderyouthLAG The PartnersNGO Sõmeru StartLääne-Viru county
DetailsPurchasing and installing of milking robots1.4.2agricultureLtd Aravete AgroJärva county
DetailsKiigemäe Public Recreation Area near Paunküla CatchmentLeadernatural environmentLAG Järva Development Partners NGO Austvegr AssociationHarju county
DetailsHandicraft trainings "Learning through roots"Leadervillage developmentLAG Raplamaa Partnership Registered Association Fellowship of Käpik handicraftRapla county
DetailsFurnishing community house of HäädemeesteLeadervillage developmentLAG Pärnu Bay PartnershipNGO Häädemeeste SuurkülaPärnu county
DetailsFestival of Good EnergyLeadercultural heritageLAG Hiiumaa Cooperation NetworkNGO ArhipelaagHiiu county
DetailsMobile cinemaLeadervillage developmentLAG Development Center NGO KülakinoHarju county
DetailsEstablishing playground in Sääse villageLeadervillage developmentLAG PAIKTamsalu Municipality GovernmentLääne-Viru county
DetailsTraining camp of young musuicians of Lääne county BÄNDKÄMPLeaderyouthLAG Kodukant LäänemaaNGO Unistuste Vabrik (Dream Factory)Lääne county
DetailsKrati Adventure ParkLeadertourismLAG Jõgevamaa Cooperation ChamberFoundation Centre of Culture and tourism of Saare municipality "House of Kalevipoja"Jõgeva county
DetailsDeveloping the ostrich breeding farm1.2diversification Inge RohtsaluJärva county
DetailsDeveloping South-Estonian Food NetworkLeadercooperationLAG Võrumaa Partnership AssemblyNGO Rõuge TaluseltsVõru county
DetailsSustainable tourism network "Genuine Experiences in Lahemaa"LeadercooperationLAG Development Center NGO Sustainable tourism network Genuine Experiences in LahemaaLääne-Viru county
DetailsDeveloping activities of Ltd Oxforell3.1.2tourism Ldt OxforellHarju county
DetailsLaitseRallyPark stand at fair „Summer 2009“ LeadertourismLAG Western-Harju Partnership NGO Spordiklubi LaitseRallyParkHarju county
DetailsDeveloping LaitseRallyPark websiteLeadertourismLAG Western-Harju Partnership NGO Spordiklubi LaitseRallyParkHarju county
DetailsEnvironmental works in the territory of Laitse RallyparkLeadervillage developmentLAG Western-Harju Partnership NGO Sportsclub LaitseRallyParkHarju county
DetailsTrainings of Pilistvere youthLeaderyouthLAG Võrtsjärve Association Association "Pilistvere Noored"Viljandi county
DetailsLocal food project "UMA MEKK"LeadercooperationLAG Võrumaa Partnership AssemblyNGO Võru Partnership AssemblyVõru County
DetailsImproving children playground and sports ground of Kiidjärve3.2village development Kiidjärve Village AssociationPõlva county
DetailsReconstruction of the sauna-community house of Kiideva village3.2village development Village Association of KiidevaLääne county
DetailsDevelopment of Vanamõisa village3.2village development NGO Vanamõisa KülaHarju county
DetailsDevelopment of Mätliku organic farm1.4.1agriculture Mätiku Farm of Aivar PikkmetsPärnu county
DetailsReconstruction of rectory house of Alatskivi congregation3.2village development EELK Alatskivi KogudusTartu county
DetailsConstruction of bioethanol1.6.1agriculture Self-employed entrepreneur Ants Pak´s Kadarbiku FarmHarju County
DetailsDeveloping Nopri dairy-farm1.6.1small-scale processing Ltd Nopri TalumeiereiVõru county
DetailsKärdla Cafeteria DaysLeadercooperationLAG Hiiumaa Cooperation NetworkHiiumaa Tourism AssociationHiiu County
DetailsBuilding an agrotourism centre3.1.1diversification Ltd Nopri TalumeiereiVõru county
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