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25th August 2016

Workshops focused to 12 different themes in to two sessions.

Thematic workshops started with two or three project example presentation mostly from different countries to inspire following discussion. The target of workshops are to search good ideas for possible co-operation projects and make contacts. At each group will be a moderator and a rapporteur. All the workgroups best ideas will be collected and forwarded to the participants.

LOOK: Summaries of WORKSHOPS ideas DOC


09:00 - 10:30

1. Rural tourism

  • Development of Rural Tourism in Finland, Ms Raija Ruusunen (Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland)
  • Rural tourism products of LAGs from Swietokrzyskie voivodeship, Mr Piotr Sadlocha, (LAG Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Wsi Swietokrzyskiej, Poland) and Ms Urszula Żelazny (LAG Dorzecze Bobrzy, Poland)

Moderator: Ms Raija Ruusunen

2. Refugees

  • Social inclusion of refugees and immigrants in Swedish Rural areas, Ms Lovisa Carneland (LAG URnära ideell förening and The Swedish Rural Network)
  • Activities between LAG PAIK and refugees, Mr Aivar Niinemägi (LAG PAIK, Estonia)

Moderator: Mr Aivar Niinemägi

3. Natural products - organic cosmetsics, herbs, etc

  • Natural products in LEADER projects of Slovenian LAGs, Mr Aleš Zidar (Slovenian rural development network, LAG between Snežnik and Nanos)
  • Ecological spa and natural cosmetics, Ms Ene Lill (LAG North-Harju Partnership, Estonia)
  • Food Festivals and wild food plants, Ms Mercedes Merimaa, (LAG Pärnu Bay Partnership, Estonia)

Moderator: Ms Ene Lill

4. Coastal development - co-operation between LAGs and FLAGs

  • Development projects on the shores of Lake Peipus, Ms Kadi Ploom (LAG Tartu Rural Development Association, Estonia)
  • Maritime Activity House development at Midt-Nordvestsjælland, Ms Nynne Larsby Friis (LAG Midt-Nordvestsjælland, Denmark)
  • FARNET co-operation statistics, Mr Petri Rinne (FARNET and LAG Joutsenten reitti, Finland)

Moderator: Mr Petri Rinne

5. Internet-solutions

  • Webpage Trueflavours.fi and local food coordination project (incl. short supply chain) www.aitojamakuja.fi, Ms Päivi Töyli (Brahea Centre at the University of Turku, Finland)
  • Digital Guide "Archaeology in Läänemaa County", Mr Hembo Pagi (Archaeovision and LAG Kodukant Läänemaa, Estonia)
  • Logistics solutions in short supply chain for farmers - Naaber platform, Mr Paavo Ränk (Naaber / Bo Technologies OÜ, Estonia)

Moderator: Mr Magnus Nirgi, Naaber / Bo Technologies, Estonia


  • Overview of ELARD members’ survey, Ms Kristiina Tammets, (ELARD and LAG Tartu Rural Development Association, Estonia)
  • Outlines of Finnish discussions of LEADER 2030+, Mr Juha-Matti Markkola (Finnish Rural Network)

Moderator: Ms Kristiina Tammets

Coffee break 10.30-11.00


11.00 - 12.30

1. Local food 

  • Local Food Initiatives in Latvian NRN SU, Ms Guna Šulce (Latvian Rural Network)
  • Taste of rural Europe, Mr Alistair Prior (Scottish Network Support Unit)
  • Netzwerk-Kulinarik – a new network for regional and culinarian initiatives in Austria and its cooperation possibilities, Mr Thomas Müller (Netzwerk-Kulinarik, Austria)

Moderator: Mr Edgars Linde, Latvian Rural Network

2. Thematic festivals and theme paths

  • LEADER food festivals at „Romantic Costline“ Ms Mercedes Merimaa (LAG Pärnu Bay Partnershi, Estonia)
  • Reflections of local values in the area of LAG Borderlands Leader - routes, events and local initiative, Ms Kaidi-Mari Liping (LAG Boarderland LEADER, Estonia)

Moderator: Ms Anke Wehmayer, German Rural Network

3. Art & handicraft

  • Arts and handicraft LEADER projects in Lithuania, Ms. Agne Kanapeckaite (Local Action Group of Ukmerge region, Lithuania) - Lithuaninan handicraft VIDEO 1 & traditional woodworks VIDEO 2
  • Arts and handicrafts projects at Tammiku contemporary art center and Anija Manor, Ms Tiina Sergo (LAG East-Harju Partnership, Estonia) 

Moderator: Ms Tiina Sergo

4. Nature values

  • How to valuate nature values, Dr Michael Lenjoint (LAG Vulkaneifel, Germany)
  • Nature values in fishing areas – potential, development opportunities, threats, Ms Ewa Pierucka (FLAG "Nasza Krajna i Pałuki", Poland)

Moderator: Ms Ewa Pierucka

5. Youth initiatives

  • Youth initiatives based on Latvian NRN experience, Ms Baiba Gulbe (Latvian Rural Network) 
  • Youth media in Valga county, Mr Margo Metsoja (Valga County Youth Centre TANKLA and LAG Valga County Partnerships Board) 

Moderator: Ms Baiba Gulbe

6. Community development 

  • Food and regional marketing in Island Hiiumaa. “Hiiumaa Cafés’ Day” and some other examples, Ms Reet Kokovkin (Hiiumaa LEADER LAG, Estonia)
  • Importance of village hub, Mr Tom Jones (European Economic and Social Committee)

Moderator: Mr Tom Jones

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