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The LEADER Fair for Transnational Cooperation

Date: August 24-26, 2016
Venue: the Rural Economy Research Centre in Jäneda, Estonia.

The purpose of the LEADER Transnational Fair is to highlight the importance of transnational cooperation for rural development in the European Union.

Participants: Representatives of Local Action Groups, Fisheries Local Action Groups, Managing Authorities, National Rural Networks and other organisations to participate. We expect to bring together 150 participants.

LEADER Fair focus will be on:

  • LEADER/CLLD cooperation regulation aspects in Baltic Sea Region,
  • discussions on different cooperation themes
  • sharing experiences
  • partnership search
  • to introduce some Estonian Local Action Groups areas

We have distributed event to 3-day events:

The first day, 24.08.2016, event will focus on overview information about LEADER transnational cooperation rules in EU and different countries. We expect LEADER/CLLD transnational cooperation principles and regulations in EU and different Nordic and Baldic states. Presentations from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, TBC)

Partnership search activities will be organised in different ways. One method will be "speed date"-method - to meet new peple in short time and share the first ideas. The partnership dates will be in 3 main topics: enterpreneurship, youth and culture. Please make selection during registration.

For partnership search activities we ask LAGs and FLAGs to bring their project ideas, proposals and information leaflets. Participants will have possibility to place these items on tables or walls, but this time we tried to organize more direct communication activities, so that participants can introduce their project promotional materials directly to interested persons or potential partners. E.g. during "speed dates" or LAG tours.

The second day, 25.08.2016, will focus to different thematical workshops. We have distributed 12 themes (rural tourism, refugees, natural products, local food, coastal development, etc.) to two sessions. Every workshop will have 1-2 project examples presentation from different countries. More detailed information about workshops themes will updated and available workshops page.

LAG TOURS is a wonderful possibility to learn more rural Estonia. Estonian LAG-s will offer different tours to their areas, to LEADER projects and local people. This may be also good possibility to find common interests for future cooperation or just get inspired.

2-days LAG Tours or cooperation field trips start on 25.08 after LEADER Fair events closing 14:15 from Jäneda to different LAG regions. Fee, 65 €, including full board and acommodation. Participants will select LAG TOURS during registration.

TOUR 1 Viru County – cement heritage town to phlox garden
TOUR 2 Jõgeva County - Hunting and Fishing
TOUR 3 Places full of experiences in LAG Järva Development Partners
TOUR 4 Local values and cooperation in LAG Raplamaa Partnership region
TOUR 5 Communities and networks in Tartu County
TOUR 6 Tourism opportunities – local and genuine in Harju County

Detailed information of LAG TOURS is avalable HERE

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  Jäneda, Tapa vald 73602, Lääne-Virumaa, Tel 384 9700, seminar (at) pmk.agri.ee